About us

As a mother of two life can get busy, and our sensitive eczema prone skin can create havoc when exposed to the wrong products. I have learned to be conscious of the products we use on our bodies and in our home. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for conscious living but I also have a healthy supply of chicken nuggets and frozen pizza in the freezer.

I also priorities my own self-care or as I like to call it me time, But finding products that ticked

the right boxes was difficult for a family on a budget. So I created my own range of products using Organic skin nourishing minerals and natural extracts that smell great and work well with our sensitive skin.

A range of beautiful Organic Bath bombs, natural salts, moisturisers and natural soap bars all created with sensitive skin in mind. My products are created with no filler ingredients and can be used by all the family.

Our selection of beautiful scented candles has evolved.  I love rustic homewares and I have so many compliments on my décor taste, so I have extended this love to adding a range of products that I think you will love to. A spectacular collection of Rustic homewares that are not found on the high-street.

 As we are spending more time in our homes I think it time to revisit Grandeur finding the key pieces that can breathe a breath of fresh air into your living space.

I love styling my home with forever home style a style that can has a beautiful high impact with an easy elegance a style you will love forever.

Our Goal is to encourage ‘me time’ in your home

Take care of You & Love yourself.