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Hey there, my name is Soriah I am 38 and  I love creating natural alternatives to skin care and wanted to share some with you. 

I want to talk about skincare in your 30s, as our skin ages it becomes drier, finer and loses its fullness. We can use products to bring the youthful glow back to our skin but what do you do when your skin has eczema?. I have been exploring the use of natural products in skincare, as I have contact dermatitis which means that using the wrong products will leave my skin Itchy, red, and basically doing the opposite of what you want. I get reactions from lots of things including soaps, cosmetics, fragrances, and even plants.

As a family we tend to use things gentle enough for babies, so non bio detergents, non bio fabric softeners and baby soaps, but babies don’t wear makeup, get spots or have dark circles. So preparing my skin for makeup is key to my #selfcare beauty routine. I am no makeup guru so if that is what your hoping to find, unfortunately that is not why we are here. I am here to help you discover natural alternatives that won’t cost the earth and you can make with the things you have in your kitchen.

It does become a little time consuming, but I promise you once you find that routine or product that works for you, Its life changing. Self-care is about finding the balance in your life and feeling your best self, so finding the time to fill your cup is essential.

A beauty routine starts from a good foundation of natural skincare, some products available in shops will correct one problem and create another. Do you know what is in your toner? Do you know what is in your facemask? Some of these products can have a detrimental affect long term on your skin.

So, lets start simple, let’s talk about what happens to your skin when you have a Eczema or Psoriasis. Most skin problems are due to Transepidermal Water loss (TEWL) is a loss of water that passes through the body through the epidermis. This is generally higher in people with eczema and psoriasis. So we need to find ways to correct this.

TEWL is also the cause of aging in mature skin causing fine lines and wrinkles.

So, what can we do? Other than the age old advice of drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, we can feed the skin with rich oils high in essential fatty acids and vitamins, this will help our skin to retain moisture and keep it balanced. The lipid matrix is the layers of cells in the skin which contain fats that are not water soluble to help us retain the moisture in our skin. It also has many other functions but we will not get into the science. As the skin ages it gradually loses some of the fats and cell structure so, we need to add it back to our skin manually. The many layers of cells will benefit from a range of oils with different molecular structures or viscosity so using multiple oils will have varied results.

Great examples of oils you can incorporate into your routine are Avocado oil which is rich in fatty acids and nutrient rich minerals, Apricot Oil is packed with natural acids including linoleic acid which provides the skin with a plumping youthfulness and Argan Oil is a great emollient, helps with skin repair is an anti-inflammatory, packed with Vitamin E and squalene, a natural occurring fatty molecule which helps to maintain the skins moisture barrier.

I started by adding a few drops into my palm with favourite my moisturiser before applying to my skin, but please don't add directly to your product container as some oils can become rancid if not stored at correct temperature. You can also replace your moisturiser with a fine light weight oil like grapeseed oil, it takes some time to get used to but you will notice results after about a week. Just remember a little goes a long way the goal is moisture not a greasy shine.

You can also create your own diy facial/body scrub using a couple table spoons of brown sugar, honey and a oil of your choice (including olive oil). A quick and easy natural scrub that will increase circulation, smooth your skin and increase moisturise.

So before you reach for your makeup bag hoping to hide or correct the issues with your skin, try to incorporating a natural oil (cold pressed is usually the best with no mineral oil) into your beauty routine and see what happens.

Until next time...

Take care and Love Yourself,

Soriah x


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