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Why me time is not selfish even when you're a mom. #momguilt

Have you seen that moment in 'Sex and The City' when Charlotte hides in the pantry and is crying, her children are banging on the door and yelling and she shouts 'Mommy needs a minute...'

Most people watching that scene felt sorry for her, she was stressed and overwhelmed, and basically feeling like she couldn't handle her 2 children not to mention the paint on her designer skirt. But I looked at her and thought damn she looks GOOD!I wish my stress overload looked that cute.

One morning last week me and the kids were going school uniform shopping, we had a taxi booked and it arrived early, I on the other hand was running late. The vibe of the apartment was the usual cacophony of shouting 'Where are your shoes?’, 'Why haven't you put on your coat!!?’ 'Stop shouting!, 'Stop fighting!!. ' Where is your mask?.'

Some day’s it’s not fun being the only family with kids in our apartment building. I would like to sorry to our neighbours, I’m sure you’re sick of us by now.

We were finally ready to leave, and I grabbed my coat and headed for the door busy as I passed the mirror I realised that my dress was inside out!!

Great I thought! I was now flustered, running late and the kids where whining. for a moment I felt like Charlotte. (but obviously a less glamorous version) overwhelmed, stressed and all before we even left the house. As I took the time to rearrange my inside out dress I glanced in the mirror and thought well at least my skin looks better, in fact it looks good!

To be honest I usually find these little dramas at the beginning of the day, would be the start of a series of events that would have me feeling fed up and exhausted the last thing you need when your shopping with kids especially when back to school shopping. I’m sure all mothers have experienced this, back to school shopping is the worst!!

This time that little positive thought changed my whole mindset, although the kids did continue to whine about being hungry (even though they just ate) and being tired of shopping. That good thought and feeling just kept magnifying with more positive thoughts and the whining didn't bother me as much as it usually did. This may seem vain, if you haven’t suffered with regular spotty breakouts, dry itchy eczema prone skin or any skin condition for that matter, a bad skin day can literally ruin your day.

Having more time at home with the kids and managing home schooling, not getting enough exercise or fresh air has taken its toll on my skin. I had a massive breakout of spots and itchy eczema rashes and literally have spent a fortune on products to help reset mine and the children's skin we where all suffering with contact dermatitis as our usual products were delayed delivery or just not available. Tyrese recently suffered with contact dermatitis which left him with a blotchy rash all over his face and Tia has been covered in eczema and rashing.

Yes, some of the other product did work, as I tried to use natural products from great manufacturers, Activated Black clay masks, exfoliating washes and Seaweed and cucumber facials. The problem is they all had chemicals and preservatives. They fixed the acne, but my skin was so dry and taught I had acne scars on my cheeks and the skin at the nape of my neck had pretty severe eczema and my face looked 10 years older!! Not really what you want, when all you want to do is clear acne.

As for Tyrese and Tia I had to look at their diets limiting fizzy drinks, candy intake ect and adding more fruit, and ensuring they were using moisturiser every morning after showering. It does get tiresome for them, but one day of not following a good moisturising routine results in reactions its a not a good trade off.

For me I decided to go back to basics I needed to do something to fix this... I went into my fridge to literally feed me face! Once I started to use natural ingredients

the results where amazing, to say the change in my skin was good, would have been an understatement. My face is now smoother and plumper. What’s more surprising was the miraculous change to the skin around my eyelids. I am able to apply eye shadow without getting the itchy dry skin on my eyelids that sometimes flakes off. A reaction caused by the pigment in most make up.

To be honest I haven't had any of the usual symptoms of my eczema. It has literally changed my makeup routine I use a lot less foundation as I don't have anything to cover up. By no means is my skin perfect, but if i had the courage to show you what it looked like when the acne, eczema had taken over you would understand.

As most of these treatments have worked for me I want to share some quick tip recipes, which although take a while to prepare, they will give your skin a great boost and have you feeling amazing even when you don't have the time for makeup as most busy moms do.

My new favourite homemade product which I cannot say enough about is the use of rose petals on the skin, they are cheap, easy to get and work very well on eczema prone skin. They are full of skin loving nutrients that are found in most anti aging moisturisers as its natural ingredients help with fine line, wrinkles and scars.

The recipe for the rose water toner is in a previous blog, honestly it is a game changer, my skin is clearer brighter and my makeup sits flawlessly. If you don’t have the time you can find it in your local supermarket usually in the ethnic food aisle. I cannot normally use eyeshadows as something in them makes my eczema flare up around my eyes but since using rose water toner twice and day, I have been able to use eyeshadow and even ordered more makeup palettes. With not so much as an itch. I’m so pleased with the results.

Strawberry powder clay mask. To make this nutrient rich mask you can use some left-over strawberries tops blended into a paste and cooked at 50 degrees in the oven for 4 hours on baking sheet. Blend the crispy residue into a powder and mix with your favourite clay I added some rose water for moisture.

For a quick alternative use freshly crushed strawberries mixed with the clay and voila instant revitalising mask or add a dash of greek yogurt for an enzyme mask.

If you don’t want to make your own I make an instant skin boosing French clay and argan oil soap its moisturising and cleansing and does not dry out your skin.

Rose oil Is great when applied to skin, its hydrates dry skin, clears acne and reduces signs of ageing. Rose oil will minimise the appearance of rosacea and eczema. Regular use of rose oil will also enhance the longevity of your makeup.

You can make your own at home by adding rose petals in a clean sterile jar with olive oil and vitamin e oil. It takes 4-6 weeks to mix but you can make a quick alternative by boiling it out in a Bain-Marie method but what’s the fun in that?

Calendula oil is an anti inflammatory treatment which can improve the appearance of wounds, treats acne, soothes eczema and promotes skin hydration and firmness. Same method as the rose oil and cheaper than purchasing it in shops.

Drinking lemons and limes in water will also help you from the inside out as it has vitamin C and flavonoids which helps block UV damage and cleanses your liver of toxins hydrates your skin. Leaving you with beautiful moisturised skin.

Today I am researching the use of fruit powders and arrow root powder as an alternative natural face mask. I have started by blending Cucumber, Black Grapes and Strawberry into separate bowls, then poured onto grease proof paper and cooked on a low heat for 4-6 hours until no water remains. Once dry blend into powder and store in airtight containers. I use old clean spice jars. perfect to store for future use.

I had left over arrow root powder from my bath bombs, I use arrow root powder as it is full of minerals instead of the conventional cornflour. I wanted to make face masks which I can mix with Rose water or Rose oil depending on my need.

Arrow root powder promotes natural healing as it penetrates the skin, it contains minerals including potassium which is great for healing. It can dry out blemishes and encourages the healing of scars and eliminates toxins.

As some of the products I purchased cleared the spots but left blemishes I’m hoping this will help remove them.

Black grapes are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and improves blood circulation. Cucumber is anti-inflammatory Vitamin C, folic acid and minimises dark spots.

Strawberries are full of vitamin c rich in alpha hydroxy acids which reduce wrinkles dark spots, acne its basically the hero of all skincare.

All these items are available in your local supermarket or online, if you would like to know where I shop my supplies pop a question in the comments section. Alternatively, you can buy powdered fruit from health food stores. A recent supplies run to Holland and Barrett, I found has lots of ingredients that where cheaper than the online shops but some things are quite pricey it’s worth doing a google search before going to the shops as some online stores are cheaper and offer free delivery for example naissance online store charged delivery but there eBay Store delivery is free. For best results ensure the ingredients are natural and have no other additives. Do not use dried fruit as may contain sugars or syrups.

Making your own skincare products can be overwhelming so I suggest starting slow, when I first started I would get a small bowl of honey and apply to my face and dry skin on my body before a shower and it honestly makes all the difference. Or just mush some left over fruit and put it on your face... These simple little tricks will help your skin appear more vibrant less chance of stress induced spots ruining your day.

Remember self-care is important we cannot fill others if we are not filled ourselves. We should always find the time to fit in a little me time MOT. Overall skin improvement can reduce the time it takes to get ready as you will no longer need to use so many products and you will save money . Its win win more money so you can get those shoes you have been eyeing. #winning

Until next as always

Take Care, and Love yourself.

Soriah x


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