Perfection according to who? Be your own beauty standard.

The UK Beauty industry generates 28.4 Billion pounds and consists of cosmetics, skincare, perfume, hair care and cosmetic surgery. We are sold the idea of what beauty is, its is an impossible standard which cannot be attained by all and we convince ourselves that there is something wrong us if we cannot reach this standard, That we have to look a certain way in order to be considered perfect, so we purchase the products, wear the clothes or just visit a surgeon and have them correct what we feel is wrong with us. But what is wrong with how we look?

Since the recent effects of Covid 19 the world has been forced to stay indoors give up the indulgences and go back to basics, with this there has been a major shift in consciousness it has been fascinating to watch. The usual glamourous photoshopped images of Instagram were replaced by real life images of actual 'Humans'. The people who we looked at with awe are now posting pictures of themselves without the façade of perfection and now looking well .......normal.

The change hasn't stopped there even my favourite magazines have embraced this new narrative and continued to create editorials using more natural images for articles and they still look fantastic.

I have followed this with great interest as the trending topics have now changed the algorithms of social media. A new wave of normal people with imperfections are posting, more and more people are showcasing real pictures of themselves. The real life edit have replaced the perfectly posed pouting pics.

Pictures of girls makeup free or just less glam pictures, caring mindful posts, an increase of people talking about there skin dermatitis, acne, stretchmarks, loose skin and healthy weight loss tips. The era (hopefully) of tummy teas has been replaced by healthier examples and advice.

Social media has been a great resource as I have found lots of people who are now sharing their stories about there skincare setbacks. They are taking pictures and

writing stories about their successes, images of before and after using a product / medicine, reviews and comments about products aimed at people with Dermatitis, recommendations and even recipes have now become more accessible. The information is now person to person information instead of having to rely on reading information sold to us by manufacturers

In this picture I posted recently I show a reaction to a lipstick, that left my lips blackened and sore. It was a high end brand and was sealed properly, I have no idea what caused this reaction, but once again I have been left with another product I cannot use.

Don't get me wrong I do believe that the medicines prescribed do work for people but they will only work for a limited amount of time or can cause another problem, so you can't beat the first hand account of someone who has used a medicine or a cream to treat their eczema, who can say how it worked overtime if they found any side affects not mentioned on the product and a general idea of how long it takes to work.

Watching these brave people post pictures of their journey despite the severity of their set backs is amazing and I mean this in the most endearing way. I had no idea that windy or rainy weather could effect a persons skin,

My son had an allergic to grass, and even has reactions to his own sweat, I found that this is not uncommon and I have read stories of some people losing sleep over the pain and soreness of their skin, Thankyou for sharing your stories you are amazing.

I am reminded with each story I read, why I started this journey. I wanted to share our journey with skin dermatitis (eczema), post recipes we have tried or will try and what we have learned in the hope something I post can help keep the conversation about skin dermatitis prevalent. To help one person who has dermatitis, or a few and keep this narrative of imperfection going. Sharing more stories and hopefully some of the 28 billion pounds made by the beauty industry will be used to introduce safer ingredients that will cause fewer reactions and help find a cure for the more severe cases of dermatitis and lesson the use of steroids.

People are sharing more unfiltered pictures of bodies, normal people displaying stretch marks, cellulite and even adult acne. This narrative of showing off your imperfection has become the new normal, as we start to become more aware of ourselves. The trend of celebrities known for always looking perfect, showing grey hairs and weight gain has almost normalised the standard also, some of the well known Beauty Brands have embraced this change creating more mindful ingredient products and using recycled packaging, so the influence has clearly changed the way we view beauty and almost changed the celebrity beauty culture. The rose tinted glasses have been removed and we have seen behind the curtain.

The wizard is human and we are all the same. It has been quite refreshing to see that behind the filters of money, photoshop and perfect lighting they are just like us.

Now that we are getting used to the normalised influence, lets work on getting ourselves to the best version of us.

Eliminate all negative thoughts by embracing who you are NOT comparing yourself with anyone else.

Listen to positive messages or music if you feel sad don't listen to sad music or watch a sad movie. Listen to something funny or watch a happy film and raise your vibration.

Learn a new skill embrace failure, nothing worth doing will be easy its an opportunity for you to grow.

You are allowed to have a bad days, crying actually will help you self soothe and move on. Will release endorphins and help you feel good. If you have a bad day don't stay there try find something to make you feel better.

Go for a walk, exercise, speak to your favourite person who helps bring you out of your funk. Increase your endorphins and help you shake it off.

Self care time, carve out some time to take care of yourself. A deliberate activity aimed at taking care of your own mental health, embracing who you are and looking after your emotional and physical health.

Try a new recipe....... This week we are making mint chocolate body butter.

perfect aromatherapy scent to uplift you.


1/4 avocado butter (unrefined)

3/4 Cup cocoa butter ( unrefined)

1/4 cup coconut oil

10 drops of peppermint essential oil.

tsp vitamin E oil


Heat proof bowl (ensure it floats or is easily removed)

large pot of water

mixing spoon

hand blender or whisk

clean jar.


After measuring out your butters and coconut oil into the the heat proof bowl, place the bowl into the large pot of water and begin to heat on a low heat. Once all the ingredients have melted remove from heat and leave to cool down slightly before adding essential oil. Stir and leave to cool until firm. The mixture should be pliable enough with the avocado butter for you to whip up into a mouse like mixture texture. Pour into a clean jar and should be fresh for 3 month and safe enough for the whole family if you want to share.

If you don't like coco butter you can alternate with Shea or mango butters and change essential oils depending on your need. Be sure to use unrefined butters and oils as refined ingredients don't carry as many beneficial mineral and vitamins.

Enjoy and get your winter glow on and shake of those blues.

Until next time

Take care of you and Love yourself





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