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As a Single Mom, my time and money are not something I like to gamble with, so when it comes to buying skincare products, I don't like to cheat myself of great ingredients.

Your skin is a reflection of your lifestyle, overall health and what you put on it. We can use the best products with high price points, claiming to reducing fine line, wrinkles, dark circles, and acne ect, the reality is that most products are formulated with chemicals that will attempt to mimic the effects of natural products. Eventually you will notice that first day use polished effect is no longer there and the product you're using no longer works as well, now your out of pocket having to find something else that might work.

Our skins structure consists of three layers, The Epidermis the outermost layer where sweat and sebum create the acid mantle and protects our body, Dermis where our hair follicles are growing hair on our bodies and lastly the Hyperdermis the layer that connects the skin tissues to the muscle and bones. They all play a vital role in how skin appears on the surface. So when choosing skincare products finding ingredients that will nourish all three layers is very important as this will naturally ensure your skin is always looking its best.

Instead of showing you a picture of these skins layers, I will use the example of the Ancient Roman Roads. The Ancient Romans were very clever and created a system where by building layers of different materials to strengthen the overall top layer of road created a strong resilient surface, which is still visible and functioning some 2000 years later. Not unlike the structure of the skin layers created to last and withstand wear and tear.

Ancient Romans created roads by using layering of high quality materials to ensure it was built to last. Almost like the Epidermis, Dermis and the Hyperdermis. 

The Roads were constructed with 5 layers each one vital to the to the strength and appearance of the top layer. it was well made and maintained itself for over 2000 years.

This is an example of our roads today. It only has two layers, its is not hard wearing and will need regular maintenance.

The modern road construction is usually repaired quite regularly as the layers are not built to last very long and focus on convenience over quality. (No offence, its just a fact)

So when choosing products for our skin, we have to think about it like the examples of the roads, are the products we are using benefiting the layers of the skin or just focusing on the surface and also what is our skin absorbing?

I came across an interesting Youtube blog about skincare during my research, It explains the reason why we should be more conscious of the products we use on our skin.

"A common skincare mistake is using Low quality products, when we say low quality we don't necessarily mean less expensive, What we mean are products that use a lot of cheap chemicals ingredients. Because what you use on your skin gets absorbed through your pores it can get into your blood stream, so if you use products that have a lot of cheap chemicals it can be really bad for you. It best to stick with natural ingredients and avoid super toxic ingredients...."

Fleur & Bee Do you naturally Youtube channel.

We eat healthy nutritious food and take vitamins so why not put them on our skin.

A good skin care routine will ensure that not only the skins epidermis is happy, but the multiple skin layers underneath the skin are healthy and nourished too.

When thinking about skin care natural ingredients have different results so isolating what your skin needs is essential.

Natural ingredients can be found in the fruit and veg aisle in your supermarket, but more and more skincare brands are becoming more conscious of the effects of harsh ingredients and chemicals and are moving into using more favourable natural ingredients. Here are some examples of skin loving natural ingredients to look out for when buying products. listed with there common and scientific names, you will be surprised what your 5 a day can really do for you.

Apple - Macus domestic

Rch in pections, exfoliant, clears pores, soothes inflammation, healing , rich and vitamins and supports skins elasticity.

Blueberry - Vaccimium Cyanococcus

Rich in flavinoids and antioxidents, anti aging, rich in vitamin C, Supports healig and collagen, antinflammatory and balancing.

Carrot - Daucus carota. Antioxidents, beta caratene, Vitamin C, cell regeneration, anti inflammatory, cleansing, detoxifying, anti aging, rich in Vitamins and Minerals.

Strawberry - Fraciaria /Ananassa. Rich in salicycic acid, brightning, lightning, evens skintone, exfoliating, improves circulation, antioxident and antibacterial.

Raspberry - Rubus Idaeus. Rich in antioxidents and ellagie acid, anti aging, evens out skintone, antioxident, rich in vitamin C, antiinflammatory and immune system boosting.

Most of these natural ingredients can be found using there scientific name listed on your products, but if your not one for reading labels you can mush up some fruit and make a homemade mask or mix honeywith natural yogurt for a natural enzyme mask. leave on your face for 15 mins and rinse. Ta dah!! instant natural glowing skincare treatment.

Yogurt contains latic acid an, alpha hydroxy and is a all round brilliant skincare ingredient.

The use of natural oils is becoming more popular too as they are packed with vitamins and minerals that your skin will love. We all know coconut oil is great for skin but what else can we use.

Olive Oil - Olea Europea Fat soluble Vitamins E and K. Emolilient and wound healing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, fights free radical damage.

Jojoba Oil - Simmondisa Chinesis Vitamins E and B complexes, along with some minerals, high in wax esters or sterols, which resemble the chemical structure our sterol content in our own skin. Antibacterial, emollient; wound healing; antioxident balancing, softening, soothing to irritations.

Almond Oil - Prunus Dulcis Trace amounts of fat - soluble vitamins A and E.

emollient, skin softening, boost immune function of skin, anti-inflammatory, healing and inproves skin tone.

Apricot Kernal Oil - Prunus Armeniaca L. Rich in vitamin E.

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, emollient, wound healing, scar softening.

Avacado Oil - Persea americana mill

Fruit contains K, C, and E and helps the body absorb fat - soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. Anti- Inflammatory, antioxidant, wound healing, supports immune function of skin, regenerative, softening.

Argan Oil - Argania Spinosa Vitamin E content exists in the crude unprocessed argan oil. also present is naturally ocurring squalene. Emollient, essential fatty acids, wound healing, anti inflammatory, antibacterial; best used for mature aging damaged skin, juvenile acne dry skin, and to promote healthy scar tissue.

Many of these oils contain Palmitic acid, Palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, alpha- linolenic acid, and many others all with great naturally occurring essential fatty acid content which will improve the overall health, function, pH and immunity of your skin. When looking for products with natural ingredients check they are listed in the top four listed ingredients after aqua on the back of your product, the higher they are on the list the more its has in the product. If its at the end of the list there could be potentially trace amounts and your wasting your money.

I recently posted a picture of the products in my bathroom, I also use a lot of natural products some are not pictured here as they can be found on my Etsy page.

I have been using natural products for years now on myself and family and although we all suffer with 'eczema' our skin is healthy and happy.

(eczema is the all round word for any skin dermatitis)

I try to encourage the use of more natural products with my children, hoping they will continue when they are older, they both love creating products for themselves my son who is more into science likes bath bombs. He likes the fizzing. He wants a blue fizzing bath we're not quite there yet.

My Daughter is starting to wear lip glosses and balms but wants more colour and makeup. I don't really like her using toy make up so we have settled on making our own. This weekend we are making bath bombs and lip balm. We may only succeed in making a mess but its a fun way for me to bond with my children.

If you haven't already seen the video of the little boy and his grandma please check it out its hilarious.

Disclaimer. I don't own the rights to the music or video so may be removed. If so i will post the link.  

So before you go all- in on a high a priced product check the Table stakes do some research and make sure that you are betting a favourite or you may just come up foul.

Until next time....

Take Care of you, Love yourself

Soriah x


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Images Ancient Roman roads - a monument to history and road construction.




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