Was Cleopatra onto something?

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Ancient natural beauty practises we can recreate in our kitchens.

We all know that the Ancient Egyptians Were Masters of Mathematics, Astronomy, and Kohl liner...Yes, that's right the Ancient Egyptians were the innovators of natural beauty and makeup and we have a lot to thank them for.

The Ancient Egyptians treated their skin care and hygiene very seriously, and they would attended special rooms where their servants would bathe them and rub their bodies with aromatic oils, they would also have hair treatments they basically invented the Spa and Hair salon.

They created natural Balms, cosmetics, perfumes and mud masks to name but a few treatments available in ancient times, but it didn’t stop there. The Egyptians we also Master Chemists and could create medicines and products to treat medical complaints such as alopecia and conjunctivitis using only natural materials.

The Men and Women of Ancient Egypt wore cosmetics not only to accentuate their appearance they also applied it for sunscreen and spiritual practices. The use of Kohl eyeliner was just the beginning, eye shadow, eyebrow tinting, blusher, lips and nail stain was also accredited to the Ancient Egyptians ingredients that are still used in our products today.

Natural skincare and Self-care has been practised

for thousands of years a lot of which we can recreate in our homes with ingredients we can find in our local supermarket or natural health stores.

Cleopatra was renowned for her beauty and used many natural beauty recipes that we still use today, although it has been said that a lot of the ingredients used in her routine have been lost in history, but we can still learn a lot about how she maintained her skin.

Milk Baths

We all know that Cleopatra was famous for taking milk baths, but she also added a special ingredient crocodiles’ poo! Cleopatra's servants would go out and harvest the milk of 500 donkeys and collect the crocodile’s poo as part of her bath she would use some of the poo as a facial mask also. Yuck!!

As gross as this sounds, she was right, using Milk to bathe in will gently exfoliate skin as the lactic acid removes dead skin cells and helps skin regeneration.

Although I’m sure the use of crocodiles poo has its advantages, (I couldn’t bring myself to research it). We can use alternatives to recreate this treatment goats’ milk is a perfect as I’m sure we don’t all have any donkeys.

An alternative Vegan option to this, is a mixture of Oats (blended), Coconut milk powder and a couple drops of essential oil. I prefer to keep it dry so it can be stored in the bathroom and added White Kaolin Clay and calendula powder. This will also help clear your dead skin cells by exfoliation and moisturise your skin. The Coconut milk will also add moisture and the oats have saponins which are natural cleansers and great for acne prone skin as it removes excess oils. I used ginger essential oil because it increases blood circulation, promotes collagen production, and evens skin tone. I have tried this and my skin felt amazing. My skin felt so soft, youthful and supple, I didn't need much moisturiser that day as my skin was very happy. I would recommend blending the ingredients to help make cleaning up easier.

Rose water

The petals of roses are rinsed gently in cold water, then the petals are simmered in a small pot of distilled water just enough to cover the petals. Once the water has cooled drain.

Pour into a clean spray bottle and store in fridge for a month or your bathroom for a week.

Rose water is a natural alternative to chemical based toners and a natural astringent that can be used directly on your face.

I added a couple drops of essential oils, I used Frankincense as it is great for removing excess oil and keeping wrinkles at bay and Cederwood because it is high in vitamin A and E, helps skin regeneration and good for eczema prone skin.

Hemp Seed Oil/ CBD Oil

Hemp seed oil is high in proteins and essential fatty acids and linoleic and oleic acids which can help reduce the itchiness and dry skin caused by eczema and psoriasis.

Salt Scrubs

Salt scrubs, were created using salt mined from caves and from the sea, diversifying the minerals and vitamin content help her keep her skin invigorated and exfoliated, as this practice removes dead skin cells. Which we all know will keep your skin looking amazing because it stimulates blood flow and the salts will extract toxins from the skin and add natural minerals back into it.

It may be tempting to take elements of all these ingredients and mix them all together to create a super-duper handmade skin product, but as with most things moderation is key. If you do decide to start making your own products be sure to keep the ingredients simple and write them down. Patch testing is also especially important.

If something doesn't work for you, it will make it easier to single out an ingredient if a reaction starts. I once discovered after many experiments with essential oils that my skin hates Tea tree oil it dries out my skin and aggravates my eczema. This has helped me so much as I am able pinpoint the causes to many of my skin problems and easily identify if a product will work for me, Tea tree essential oil is a well known ingredient in skin care, but unfortunately doesn't work for me.

What ingredients have you found an intolerance to? Write a comment below, you may just help someone with their skin care journey.

Until next time As always..

Take care, and Love yourself.

Soriah x


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